Monday, December 31, 2012

Illustration Friday - NEW

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Everyone knows new sneakers make you run faster!

For this week's challenge, I was going to draw a newly hatched chick....Then I scrapped that for a baby new year....But upon thinking about it, I felt both of those ideas were pretty common, so I decided to go with new shoes...and from there it went to new sneakers. Didn't you always think when you were a kid, that new sneakers would make you run faster than you ever could before? Well, maybe I'm just weird, but I did!! 

2012 was a very good year for me on many levels. In February I discovered Illustration Friday, & committed to participating each week, in an effort to keep me drawing. I haven't missed a week since. In March, I started this blog as a place to display the challenges (i.e. the products of my wacky mind!) & through it, have "met" so many great people, & have made some really cool new friends!!! I LOVE reading your comments & insights, & discovering some of you are as crazy as I am!! Above all else, I love it when you tell me my drawings have made you smile! And visiting & commenting on YOUR blogs has truly become a favorite past time! I sit there with a cup of coffee, and & am inspired & amazed by the level of talent! In July, I met a super-hot guy who IS as crazy as I am, & who has become, without a doubt, my biggest fan. He pushes me onward, always challenging me to challenge myself, do more....and stop screwing around! In November, the children's book I illustrated went to print. This was a project started many years ago, and something I'd long since given up on. It was amazing to finally hold it in my hands! And when I started receiving photos of happy kids, holding their copies of the book that they'd received for made me want to get off my butt and create MORE!!! 

So I look toward 2013 with eagerness and anticipation! And I hope at this time next year, I'm typing up an even longer list of positives!! And with that, I'll wish you all a truly FABULOUS new year, & shut up!!!  :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Illustration Friday - GLOW

A little late, but less than 24 hours, so its all good!! With the craziness of Christmas this week, I decided not to work on something new, but to brush the dust off this oldie but goodie. I think it fits the theme! Hope you all had a magical Christmas, & best wishes for a fabulous 2013!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Illustration Friday - SNOW

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You know what they say about yellow snow.....DON'T EAT IT!!!!!

Each week when I do the Illustration Friday challenge, I try to accomplish 2 things: #1, make you smile, and #2, come up with a unique idea. After all, there are usually several hundred artists submitting an illustration of the same theme. I don't know if I achieved goal #1 this week, but I *think* I came up with something somewhat original....there can't be THAT many people as twisted as me! You decide!

I don't know if I'll post again before Christmas, so I'll take the time now to sincerely thank you all who visit this silly blog again and again, as well as those who may have just stumbled upon it. Have a wonderful and safe holiday, and be sure to hold those you care about close - in your heart, if you're not able to physically. Because this blog is dedicated to art designed to specifically make you smile, I'll just leave it at that, as I'm sure many of us have had our thoughts & hearts in the same place this past week......

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Illustration Friday - EXPLORE

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Instead of jumping over it, like she usually did, Abigail decided to 
land and do a little exploring....

A little bit of quick experimentation with Photoshop this week. These challenges are getting harder & harder to squeeze in at this time of year, but I got it done! And not at 5 til midnight on Thursday, either! Ha ha! Its been a good week, art-wise. Was happy to learn my children's book is selling well on the Frecklebox website! And my studio Facebook page reached over 600 likes yesterday! (links to both can be found on the right side of this page) It may sound silly, but one of the art things I was most excited about this week was I finally tried a new drawing pen that I bought a few weeks ago while "exploring" at Dick Blick & completely fell in love with it! Trying new art supplies is always fun, but finding a new tool that you immediately feel comfortable with is the best! The girl at Dick Blick had to talk me into the Pilot Precise V5 Extra fine pen, but I'm glad she did!!! :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Illustration Friday - STRETCH

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Whether they're racing down the home stretch, or #3 is stretching to get his nose in front, this seemed to be an appropriate setting for this week's challenge! Another crazy-rush job, but I wanted to participate this week, & keep the streak alive!!

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And with the word being "stretch," I couldn't help but include this photo of my studio mascot, Miss Miga demonstrating what we call a "wheel stretch." (Nope, no stretching cats here!)

Now that both my Christmas trees are decorated, I *should* have more time to dedicate to the Illustration Friday challenge next week.....although I guess the real challenge will be to fit it in between all the holiday shopping & gift wrapping.......sigh. I guess we'll see!   Thanks for stopping by! Until next week......

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Illustration Friday - WHISKERS

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Talk about a quick sketch! They don't get much quicker than this! But, I just had to keep my streak alive! (I believe this is my 43rd straight week!) It's getting more & more difficult with the holiday season in full swing! Anyway, meet Wesley. He's a little fresh & likes to give raspberries. When I saw this week's prompt was 'whiskers' I immediately knew what I wanted to draw. I mean, really, few animals have more prominent whiskers than a walrus! (Though I know a few people that have him beat....thankfully men; not women!) As always, I appreciate your comments & visit!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Illustration Friday - ZOOM

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First of all BIG THANK YOU to all who left comments on my last post about my new book! Its an exciting time, & your well wishes really mean a lot to me!!

Now....on to this week's challenge! This one is a crazy & really old doodle that I resurrected earlier this year. When I saw the word was "zoom" it was the first thing to come to mind, & I honestly was so hung up on it, I couldn't think of anything new that would be better! And with it being a short week with the holiday and the kitchen beckoning, I didn't think I'd get a chance to convince myself to abandon this idea & work on something else that I actually liked. So..........I colored it!! Ta da! (Not REALLY cheating....only SORT OF cheating!!!)

 Speaking of the holiday....I've really got lots to be thankful for this year. It seems like everything is finally coming together!

And I'll be breaking from tradition, & instead of the usual chaos associated with spending it with my family, I'll be heading to CT with my *fabulous* new boyfriend to enjoy it with his NORMAL family! Of course, I may find out that is not really the case! But at least I know they like football as much as I do, & the Patriots are playing, so it's all good!!!!  :) Whatever it is YOU are doing, I'm wishing all of you in the U.S. a safe and happy Thanksgiving!! And to everyone else, have a wonderful week!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Finally.....a BOOK!!!!!

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                      I'm am pleased to announce the book I illustrated is *finally* available to order!

This has been a LONG time coming, & has been a project filled with excitement, hard work, frustration, disappointment, (I'd even go so far as heartbreak!!) and now, finally, pride! The original contract was signed way back in 1996, and subsequently broken in 1997 by the publisher after the art was completed and delivered. Without a doubt, one of the biggest disappointments in my life. So imagine my surprise when the author contacted me 15 years later & said she'd found another publisher interested in our book! Of course, nothing can be easy, and lots of changes were requested, resulting in lots more work, but finally, it is DONE!!!

I invite you to please check it out at:
You can flip through the entire book. It is personalized, and available in either a boy or girl version.

  Honestly, as much as I'd love this book to be a big seller, this is not about sales for me. This is about achieving a life-long goal that I set for myself as a little kid! I'm told the book has gotten a lot of interest, and I noticed it has the most Facebook "likes" of all the books on the site! (Yup, I admit, I checked!) Hey, that's got to count for something, right?! ;)

Illustration Friday - TREE

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So here's a first -  I'm posting a black & white line drawing. I really liked my idea this week, but just didn't have the time to finish it. Still pretty cool, though.... Maybe I'll get it done for next week.....

Also, was planning on having this week's post cover TWO topics, but am just too tired for any big announcements now, so this one will be dedicated to Ill Friday, & stay tuned for my next post..............

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Illustration Friday - SHY

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 Percy was always a bit shy around strangers.....

Percy the pony is the result of a doodle during another less than stimulating meeting at work. I think he looks rather shy.....or maybe that's actually contrition.....

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Jerry found under the bed to be the safest place in his new home for the first day or so....

Jerry (aka Jer-Bear) was inspired by my friend Jen's new adoptee. Used to being one of 8 or so cats in his foster home, he didn't quite know what to make of Jen & her husband, or the fact that he was flying solo, so under the bed seemed like a good idea. But fortunately for everybody, he got over his shyness after a day or 2. Jen might actually regret that if he decides he likes sleeping in her bed....
Not quite sure if I got his markings totally right, but I think she'll recognize him!

Am a little later than I'd like this week - Thursday nights aren't a good time to get feedback! But I kept the streak alive! As always, I appreciate your visit!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Illustration Friday - HAUNT

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 This is a monster; not a ghost, but I'm pretty sure this guy could haunt somebody's dreams if he tried! The fear of growing a rear view like that will certainly haunt mine!!!  I was asked at the last minute to draw him for a Halloween party my company held today for the employees' children, so he was cranked out in less than 10 minutes.

 But the kids didn't seem to notice. Pin the tail on the monster turned out to be a big hit! (Well, AFTER the candy collecting, that is!!)

And if HE didn't scare you, I can guarantee this photo of me WILL!!!  As always, I appreciate you stopping by!!! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Illustration Friday - SKY

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Hmmmm....I don't have a caption for this one! I think kind of just taking it in, just like the couple down front is enough.............jeez! I think I'm getting a bit sentimental!! Not sure what's come over me!! :)

I actually had 2 for this week. I inked & scanned them both, but I liked this one so much, I figured I'd quit while I was ahead. Plus, I'm coming down with a vicious cold, & I suspect my Aleve Cold & Sinus will wear off soon, leaving me as a sloshing bucket of fluids long before I finished the 2nd one!!!

Anyway, that's all I've got for now! Enjoy your week, everyone, and thanks for stopping by! I'm off to down some magic potion (aka Airborne) & head for bed with a box of Kleenex!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Illustration Friday - WATER

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It was just another ordinary, lazy Sunday....until Salvatore noticed there was a stranger among them....

Well, this week's theme was so crazy-easy that I was tempted to just posted an existing piece. But then I got an idea, & just had to play around with it. I guess I subconsciously had Loch Ness monsters on the brain after seeing this cool guy my friend, Phil posted on his blog a few weeks ago:  (Check out the whole series!!! Great stuff!!)

  But since I finished so early this week, I felt like I couldn't post just one, so I went into my archives, and dug up a few more....

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A version of this girl & her friends is currently framed & hanging in my guest bathroom. 
Yeah, I admit I  have a pretty funky bathroom....

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 And you might recognize this attitudinal guy as my blogger/google avatar..... 

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When Allistair, a bit of a hellraiser, took to his skis, Ferris tried to avoid getting swamped...
Allistair and Ferris starred in my Illustration Friday entry for SWAMP waaaayyyyyyy back in March. I immediately thought of Allistair's wake when I saw this week's theme was WATER....

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Bathing Bertha spent her last $10 on SHADES to compliment her outfit, but if she doesn't spring for some sunscreen soon, she'll blend in with her bikini!

And then Bathing Bertha followed the week after for SHADES. My week has already been from Hell, and it's only Monday....What can I say? I wish I were floating around with her! I already have cocktails on the brain! I think I might need a few to get me through this week....

As always, I appreciate your visit and any comments you may feel compelled to leave! And if you like what you see, and haven't subscribed yet (on the right) please do! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Illustration Friday - MIRROR

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Not a good thing when you find your own image startling.....

Whipped this out super-quick this week, so not really my best effort. I've been having less and less time for the Illustration Friday challenges over the past month, but still managed to keep my streak going! HUGE project in the works that's been taking up most of my spare time, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel & think it'll be worth the effort!! As always, I appreciate your visit!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Illustration Friday - BOOK

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Robin enjoyed a quiet spot and a juicy novel...almost as much as a juicy worm!

Ever enjoy a book so much, you were sort of depressed when you finished it? I really liked this week's theme, as I'm a voracious reader, finishing anywhere between 25-40 books per year. Just finished the Hunger Games trilogy & was rather depressed when I turned the last page - I thought it was that entertaining! 

This piece was another quick one. I played around a little bit this week, & had some fun in Photoshop. I wanted to create a quiet spot for Robin to get immersed in a book. I hope you like it!

I'm also including below an older piece that I shared earlier in the year that is a great fit for this week's theme. I haven't had the time to do something that detailed in awhile, but really enjoyed the pen & ink work when I did, so wanted to share him again! As always, I appreciate you stopping by!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Illustration Friday - CROOKED (another two-fer!)

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Emogene & Edgar loved to pose for the camera whenever their mom would say cheese!

I came up with two ideas again this week. The first (below) just didn't seem strong enough to me, so I kept brainstorming. After recalling my 5 1/2 years of braces, Emogene & Edgar seemed to be an obvious solution to this week's challenge. But I just couldn't abandon Hector. He kind of looks like he might have been abandoned once already with that tail....but no worries. His belly would indicate he's been eating well now! As always, I thank you for visiting & appreciate your comments!

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Hector's crooked tail wasn't going to win him any awards at the cat show, but it gave him character!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Illustration Friday - BURST (2 this week!)

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Reggie was simply bursting with happiness....

So this week was filled with painfully boring meetings. And in those types of meetings, I tend to doodle. The doodles usually never end up as finished art, but I came up with a couple that I thought might work for this week's challenge that I was excited about. In the end, I really wasn't trying to be an overachiever. I just couldn't make up my mind! So, just like I do when I can't decide between 2 pairs of shoes in the store...I went with BOTH!

 Ever have a moment when you're just so happy you feel like your heart might burst? That's what I was going for with Reggie. I wonder what he's so happy about....

And then I drew this one.....

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Glenn always looked as if he had just eaten a meal for 10, but it was really just genes on his mother's side that made him look like he was about to burst....

Have you ever looked at one of those really plump goldfish that sort of wiggle, rather than swim and wondered if it might actually pop? That was the inspiration for Glenn....

Thank you so much for stopping by!! I always enjoy reading your comments!! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Illustration Friday - Imagination

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This is Bill, a total & complete figment of my imagination....or a science experiment gone wrong. You decide!  Once again, I'm posting late, and once again the week seemed to get away from me & I threw something together very quickly so as not to break my streak. But I'm actually quite pleased with Bill. And he looks pretty pleased too, albeit a bit thirsty...Hope you like him too!

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Linda Hensley who gave me my very first blog award this week!!! Yay!!! Like most people, I just love prizes, & am very flattered to be in such great company! Please visit Linda's always insightful & really cool blog at

  The best part about receiving an award like this is getting to pass it on! So while I wish I could give it to ALL of the many fun blogs I enjoy visiting, I have had to limit it to just a few. Great stuff!! Please check them out!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Illustration Friday - IDENTICAL

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Andrew embraced his individuality, even if nobody else seemed to.

Since discovering Illustration Friday earlier this year, I have participated in exactly 30 challenges. The streak almost ended there, because this week,  I was stumped. I always like to take a different approach whenever I can, so anything with twins just wasn't gonna happen here. The week wore on, & I really thought I was going to have to pass on this until today, I started thinking about.... ants.....and how, without some kind of disfigurement, its nearly impossible to tell members of the same nest apart....
Anyway, that's how I arrived at the above! Hope you like! As always, I appreciate you stopping by!! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Illustration Friday - TALL
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Gerry could never figure out why Darby always seemed to be in a foul mood....

Of course the first thing to pop in my mind when I saw this week's prompt was 'giraffe' but I figured that would be rather popular. Then I thought of a stork, heron, or other long-legged bird, but I drew birds last week & the last thing I'd want  is be accused of being boring! So I thought some more, and came up with this. Afterall, the dog world is full of extremes....  This one was cranked out lickety split, so I'm not thrilled with the execution. But if I didn't get it out tonight, it wasn't going to happen until Thursday night, & crickets are usually chirping & tumbleweeds blowing on IF after a certain time on Thursdays....
  Big thank you to everyone who stopped by last week & commented on "Teacher." I really appreciate your comments!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Illustration Friday  - TEACHER
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As a teacher, it was important that Estelle encourage ALL of her pupils, regardless of their abilities....

Wow!! I'm actually posting on SUNDAY NIGHT!! I don't think I've ever finished a challenge so early in the week! I'm not quite sure what's come over me actually, as I'm never early for anything! Anyway, this one's pretty straightforward.... the little one on the left reminds me of myself when I used to go to bootcamp classes....hey - he may not be doing it right, but at least he's doing it!! Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Illustration Friday - FREEZE
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Jasmine's icy glare made Gus freeze in his tracks....

I figured there'd be a lot of ice & snow, and maybe a few cops this week, so I tried to go in a different direction with the theme. Threw this one together extremely quickly, & on very little sleep, so not thrilled with the execution, but I hope it was worth stopping by, just the same!  A bit of a different vibe from last week's warm and sentimental rabbit, huh?! As always, I appreciate your visits & comments!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Illustration Friday - BOUNCE
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It's funny how sweet sentiments from someone special can put a bounce in your step....

Of course, if they're NOT from someone special, they're downright creepy!!!
Wow! I'm pretty late posting this week! Been crazy-busy & otherwise a bit preoccupied, but glad to have gotten this one done! (I think this is 27 straight weeks with Illustration Friday?!)  I'm not sure how many people will actually see this, but I thank those of you who took the time to visit & comment in advance! I know there will likely be plenty of rabbits this week, & I really didn't have to draw a rabbit to get my message across....but the rabbit just popped into my head, and there it stayed! As always, I appreciate you stopping by!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Illustration Friday: LONELY
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Nothing says "lonely" like a table for one....

I've sat there many a time myself.....  Of course, a table for one doesn't HAVE to mean "lonely," but that was the word, so that's how Peter feels. I'm sure he'll feel a little better after he drinks the wine...and eats the flower.....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Illustration Friday - CARRY
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Most hermit crabs are known for carrying their homes on their backs,
 but Julio is a bit of a show- off....

This week's illustration was inspired by a new little friend of mine, Braedan, who likes to visit the aquarium, and my REAL 8-yr-old hermit crab, Julio, who actually DOES carry clay flower pots, and would certainly try to pick up a treasure chest if we had one!

As always, I appreciate your comments!! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Illustration Friday - LOST
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Holly worked hard, changed her eating habits, and lost a lot of weight for her efforts... but not everyone was pleased with the results.......

I decided to go with something positive for this week's challenge, because let's face it, nobody really likes losing or getting lost!! My full time job is in product development for a women's home fitness equipment company, & I guess I'm automatically programmed to subconsciously think "weight" when I see the word "lost!" I even put our Empower brand dumbbells in the picture! (Damn, I've got to learn to leave work AT WORK!!)

This one was an experiment with layers. I put each element on a separate layer, & played around. A lesson learned for sure! Kind of rushed the background, but you get the idea....

Anyway, as always, I appreciate your visits, & your comments! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Illustration Friday - SUSPEND
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Emmajean had her eye on a new hat, and Maurice was just the friend to help her get it!

This week's challenge word was SUSPEND. I'm happy with the concept, not so much with the execution. But here it is, Wednesday night (well, technically almost Thursday!) AGAIN, & I've run out of time! Oh well! Hopefully it evoked a smile anyway!

The new Illustration Friday website is absolutely beautiful, but I'm afraid not so easy to browse, with the artwork taking so long to load. I used to like to start from the very first post and work backwards, visiting the different artist's sites whose thumbnails caught my eye, but I can't do that anymore, & I'm afraid I'm missing out on some of my favorites I hadn't subscribed to. *Sigh!* If you don't want to miss any posts on THIS blog, please become a follower by clicking in the box to the right. Thanks, and I hope to "see" you next week! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Illustration Friday - REFRESH
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Refreshment comes in many forms.....

When I saw this week's word, I immediately thought of this favorite piece that I did last summer, inspired by a particularly hot day. Some of you may have noticed him at the bottom of my blog. I've never NOT drawn a NEW image for Illustration Friday before, but I admit, I had a few days off from work, and was slacking off at the beach.... And now here it is, already Wednesday, & I haven't come up with anything better yet, so this guy will have to do!  :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Illustration Friday - SPACE
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Nothing made Elliot happier than getting away from everybody for awhile & zooming about the galaxy in his sporty yellow spacecraft, Madeline...

I can really relate to this one, as no matter how bad my day is, I can always improve MY mood by going for a ride in my beloved green rag top, Bubba! Even after 13 years! (Boy, we're getting old!) Bubba's been out of commission, waiting for the mechanic to squeeze him in, which probably explains my crankiness lately!

  This little guy was a result of a doodle I did earlier this year during a particularly boring meeting at work. Glad to finally have an excuse to finish him! Funny how great stuff can come from sheer boredom....

Thanks for all the great comments on SECRET last week! I posted really late, so didn't expect many people to see it. You guys are so clever!!! (Not that I expected anything less!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Illustration Friday -- SECRET
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Unfortunately for Jerome, Bethany was a stickler for the rules....

Wow! Got this one in *just* under the wire! So many mishaps & distractions this week, starting on Monday night with a stubborn car window that refuses to go up, & ending with a bizarre trip to Walmart last night that was filled with such odd sights, I couldn't begin to focus on "secret" upon my return!

But I couldn't break my streak so I had to push on tonight! This is either my 19th or 20th straight week creating a brand new drawing for Illustration Friday, and even though there have been a couple of pieces I wasn't too thrilled with, its been a worthwhile exercise on so many levels! I love seeing you "regulars" each week - checking out your fabulous creations, and getting feedback on mine. And I ALWAYS like to check out unfamiliar work, & welcome new opinions!! (So please, don't be shy!) I want to thank everybody who has become a regular follower of this blog and/or my facebook page! So much fun to see you guys popping up here & there!! And with that, I'll stop my babbling, & "see" you next week!

Oh! PS - Got a GREAT deal on some new Epson paper on their website this week (offer code PPR6 good til 6/26 for anyone interested!) that if it turns out OK, I might *finally* set up my Etsy store! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Illustration Friday - SHINY
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Albert's favorite part of playing cowboy was wearing the shiny tin sheriff's badge.....AND galloping around the living room on his trusty horse, Cheerio.

At first, I was stumped on this week's word: SHINY. The only things that came to mind were a nice, clean car (which sadly does not describe mine at the moment), or a bald head, polished to a sheen. Neither made me excited to pick up my pencil & start sketching.  But then I thought some more, & since I'm a girl who really appreciates her bling, I eventually started thinking about jewels....... and gold........ and diamonds........ and treasure.............and, well  I digress. I actually have no idea how the tin badge popped into my head among the jewels, but once I got a vision of Albert, no amount of gold could turn me back! I hope you like him as much as I do!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Illustration Friday - HURRY
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A lot of times, the word "HURRY" evokes stress, & is a negative thing. I wanted to stay positive this week. (Especially in light of my choice for LAST week's topic! Ha! Ha!) I immediately thought of the enthusiasm of feeding time. Food is often seen as worth making an extra effort for!
Click to enlarge
 Was doodling at work, and came up with this guy, who is traveling at a pretty good clip. Maybe its feeding time for him, too?
Click to enlarge
 And then there's this old sketch. I did this one at least 8 years ago. It always makes me smile! Hope it does for you, too!

Also, wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the blog & my Facebook page last week. I always appreciate your comments! And I really appreciated the ones who stopped by earlier this week & checked out my non-Illustration Friday post of my new Super-Villain, "PIZZA BABY!" Was nice to "see" you guys a little early! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Super-Villian....
So this has nothing to do with Illustration Friday, but I thought I'd share my zaniness anyway. Meet Pizza Baby. An evil villain who promotes excess body fat (he likes the abdomen best!) through junk food.  I'm going to pin his picture up on my fridge. I'll let you know how that works out....