Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Illustration Friday - SPACE, TWISTED2 & A Really Bad Picture!

I finally feel like an Illustration Friday veteran! Because when I saw this week's challenge word was SPACE, I immediately said to myself, "Hey! We already did space!!" Granted, it WAS 2 years ago, but aren't there enough words in the dictionary to not have duplicates after only 2 years? OK. So maybe I'm just being persnickety. (read: cranky) I mean, there IS more than one meaning to the word SPACE, afterall. But the second I saw it, my mind instantly went to this guy, who was a favorite of mine during my first year at Ill Friday. I LOVE this little ET hot-rodder! So I'm posting him again, like it or not. :)

BUT, just so you don't think I'm a total slacker, I did another TWISTED from last week's prompt. I think I like TWISTED2 better. Pretty much anyone who has ever had a dog tied up in their yard has experienced something like this, right?

And finally, there's THIS....not exactly a flattering picture (understatement!!), but I felt obligated to buy a copy anyway. (But just one!) I don't even think it's worthy of bumping one of my friends' kids drawings off my fridge!!! But hey, I'm famous.........sort of...........  :)  To see more (read: BETTER) photos from the book launch party for the most recent children's book I illustrated, Sunny the Sneaker, please check out last week's post. 

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Illustration Friday - TWISTED & Book Launch Party!!!!

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Some women are so clingy!!

Another quick one this week for Illustration Friday! This week's word was TWISTED, and while I had LOTS of ideas, and several that I sketched out, this was the only one I managed to finish. *Sigh!* 

 Just been an unbelievably hectic week, with a deadline looming on a project I've been working night and day on before & after my day job, but I DID want to share some photos from the book launch party held on Monday for the most recent book I illustrated, Sunny the Sneaker. A big crowd showed up at the South Shore Pottery Shop in snowy Abington, MA to kick off school vacation week. The author read aloud to the kids and signed books. Ceramic plates with the likeness of "Sunny" were available to paint for those interested, and  I taught some young artists how to draw the quirky little footwear. I also took open drawing requests from the kids (LOTS of open drawing requests!) and signed countless copies of the book! I had a line for over 2 and a half HOURS, but the kids were so fun & appreciative, it didn't seem like it! Overall it was a fantastic event, and I was happy to get to be a part of it!

Illustrator, Michele G. Katz (Mit) and author, Michele Christian-Oldham
Working with a young artist
More fun drawing with some talented boys
The line waiting to make requests!!! 
Two new friends & my best two "customers." Aiden, on the left , really kept me on my toes with his creative requests. He deliberately tried to challenge me with a rock band comprised of 2 great whites and a hammerhead shark (pictured) & then thought he surely had me stumped with his final request of a "giraffe laying on a couch, watching tv, holding a remote." The look on his face when I nailed it was priceless and one of the best moments of the day!
My dear friends, Noah & Evan, who came out to support me with their Mom, Leah.
 (who has been supporting my art for more years than I can count!!) It was great to spend the day with them!
Signing books
 I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out my photographer, boyfriend, & biggest fan, Chris, who worked behind the scenes to save the day for me!!! I often wonder what I did to deserve him!!!

OK. Enough with the mushy stuff! I've got that deadline still looming, so it's back to drawing lions, lions, and MORE LIONS!!! Stay tuned to see what that is all about!!! As always, I appreciate you stopping by & love reading any comments you might be inclined to make!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Illustration Friday - PREHISTORIC

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Ty was a lover of the finer things, but try as he might, he just couldn't develop a taste for wine...

Not a problem I'd want to have!!! I actually jumped right on PREHISTORIC & drew this guy last Friday shortly after the prompt came out, but I've been working non-stop on a new project, and *just* remembered I'd never finished/posted this, & slipped it in under the wire!

Here is a sneak peek at what has been keeping me occupied these days. It's a coloring book project for a GREAT organization that I am very excited to be working with. Been having a lot of fun with it! As always, I appreciate your visit & your comments!!