Thursday, November 29, 2012

Illustration Friday - WHISKERS

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Talk about a quick sketch! They don't get much quicker than this! But, I just had to keep my streak alive! (I believe this is my 43rd straight week!) It's getting more & more difficult with the holiday season in full swing! Anyway, meet Wesley. He's a little fresh & likes to give raspberries. When I saw this week's prompt was 'whiskers' I immediately knew what I wanted to draw. I mean, really, few animals have more prominent whiskers than a walrus! (Though I know a few people that have him beat....thankfully men; not women!) As always, I appreciate your comments & visit!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Illustration Friday - ZOOM

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First of all BIG THANK YOU to all who left comments on my last post about my new book! Its an exciting time, & your well wishes really mean a lot to me!!

Now....on to this week's challenge! This one is a crazy & really old doodle that I resurrected earlier this year. When I saw the word was "zoom" it was the first thing to come to mind, & I honestly was so hung up on it, I couldn't think of anything new that would be better! And with it being a short week with the holiday and the kitchen beckoning, I didn't think I'd get a chance to convince myself to abandon this idea & work on something else that I actually liked. So..........I colored it!! Ta da! (Not REALLY cheating....only SORT OF cheating!!!)

 Speaking of the holiday....I've really got lots to be thankful for this year. It seems like everything is finally coming together!

And I'll be breaking from tradition, & instead of the usual chaos associated with spending it with my family, I'll be heading to CT with my *fabulous* new boyfriend to enjoy it with his NORMAL family! Of course, I may find out that is not really the case! But at least I know they like football as much as I do, & the Patriots are playing, so it's all good!!!!  :) Whatever it is YOU are doing, I'm wishing all of you in the U.S. a safe and happy Thanksgiving!! And to everyone else, have a wonderful week!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Finally.....a BOOK!!!!!

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                      I'm am pleased to announce the book I illustrated is *finally* available to order!

This has been a LONG time coming, & has been a project filled with excitement, hard work, frustration, disappointment, (I'd even go so far as heartbreak!!) and now, finally, pride! The original contract was signed way back in 1996, and subsequently broken in 1997 by the publisher after the art was completed and delivered. Without a doubt, one of the biggest disappointments in my life. So imagine my surprise when the author contacted me 15 years later & said she'd found another publisher interested in our book! Of course, nothing can be easy, and lots of changes were requested, resulting in lots more work, but finally, it is DONE!!!

I invite you to please check it out at:
You can flip through the entire book. It is personalized, and available in either a boy or girl version.

  Honestly, as much as I'd love this book to be a big seller, this is not about sales for me. This is about achieving a life-long goal that I set for myself as a little kid! I'm told the book has gotten a lot of interest, and I noticed it has the most Facebook "likes" of all the books on the site! (Yup, I admit, I checked!) Hey, that's got to count for something, right?! ;)

Illustration Friday - TREE

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So here's a first -  I'm posting a black & white line drawing. I really liked my idea this week, but just didn't have the time to finish it. Still pretty cool, though.... Maybe I'll get it done for next week.....

Also, was planning on having this week's post cover TWO topics, but am just too tired for any big announcements now, so this one will be dedicated to Ill Friday, & stay tuned for my next post..............

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Illustration Friday - SHY

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 Percy was always a bit shy around strangers.....

Percy the pony is the result of a doodle during another less than stimulating meeting at work. I think he looks rather shy.....or maybe that's actually contrition.....

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Jerry found under the bed to be the safest place in his new home for the first day or so....

Jerry (aka Jer-Bear) was inspired by my friend Jen's new adoptee. Used to being one of 8 or so cats in his foster home, he didn't quite know what to make of Jen & her husband, or the fact that he was flying solo, so under the bed seemed like a good idea. But fortunately for everybody, he got over his shyness after a day or 2. Jen might actually regret that if he decides he likes sleeping in her bed....
Not quite sure if I got his markings totally right, but I think she'll recognize him!

Am a little later than I'd like this week - Thursday nights aren't a good time to get feedback! But I kept the streak alive! As always, I appreciate your visit!!!