Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Illustration Friday - SPACE
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Nothing made Elliot happier than getting away from everybody for awhile & zooming about the galaxy in his sporty yellow spacecraft, Madeline...

I can really relate to this one, as no matter how bad my day is, I can always improve MY mood by going for a ride in my beloved green rag top, Bubba! Even after 13 years! (Boy, we're getting old!) Bubba's been out of commission, waiting for the mechanic to squeeze him in, which probably explains my crankiness lately!

  This little guy was a result of a doodle I did earlier this year during a particularly boring meeting at work. Glad to finally have an excuse to finish him! Funny how great stuff can come from sheer boredom....

Thanks for all the great comments on SECRET last week! I posted really late, so didn't expect many people to see it. You guys are so clever!!! (Not that I expected anything less!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Illustration Friday -- SECRET
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Unfortunately for Jerome, Bethany was a stickler for the rules....

Wow! Got this one in *just* under the wire! So many mishaps & distractions this week, starting on Monday night with a stubborn car window that refuses to go up, & ending with a bizarre trip to Walmart last night that was filled with such odd sights, I couldn't begin to focus on "secret" upon my return!

But I couldn't break my streak so I had to push on tonight! This is either my 19th or 20th straight week creating a brand new drawing for Illustration Friday, and even though there have been a couple of pieces I wasn't too thrilled with, its been a worthwhile exercise on so many levels! I love seeing you "regulars" each week - checking out your fabulous creations, and getting feedback on mine. And I ALWAYS like to check out unfamiliar work, & welcome new opinions!! (So please, don't be shy!) I want to thank everybody who has become a regular follower of this blog and/or my facebook page! So much fun to see you guys popping up here & there!! And with that, I'll stop my babbling, & "see" you next week!

Oh! PS - Got a GREAT deal on some new Epson paper on their website this week (offer code PPR6 good til 6/26 for anyone interested!) that if it turns out OK, I might *finally* set up my Etsy store! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Illustration Friday - SHINY
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Albert's favorite part of playing cowboy was wearing the shiny tin sheriff's badge.....AND galloping around the living room on his trusty horse, Cheerio.

At first, I was stumped on this week's word: SHINY. The only things that came to mind were a nice, clean car (which sadly does not describe mine at the moment), or a bald head, polished to a sheen. Neither made me excited to pick up my pencil & start sketching.  But then I thought some more, & since I'm a girl who really appreciates her bling, I eventually started thinking about jewels....... and gold........ and diamonds........ and treasure.............and, well  I digress. I actually have no idea how the tin badge popped into my head among the jewels, but once I got a vision of Albert, no amount of gold could turn me back! I hope you like him as much as I do!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Illustration Friday - HURRY
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A lot of times, the word "HURRY" evokes stress, & is a negative thing. I wanted to stay positive this week. (Especially in light of my choice for LAST week's topic! Ha! Ha!) I immediately thought of the enthusiasm of feeding time. Food is often seen as worth making an extra effort for!
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 Was doodling at work, and came up with this guy, who is traveling at a pretty good clip. Maybe its feeding time for him, too?
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 And then there's this old sketch. I did this one at least 8 years ago. It always makes me smile! Hope it does for you, too!

Also, wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the blog & my Facebook page last week. I always appreciate your comments! And I really appreciated the ones who stopped by earlier this week & checked out my non-Illustration Friday post of my new Super-Villain, "PIZZA BABY!" Was nice to "see" you guys a little early! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Super-Villian....
So this has nothing to do with Illustration Friday, but I thought I'd share my zaniness anyway. Meet Pizza Baby. An evil villain who promotes excess body fat (he likes the abdomen best!) through junk food.  I'm going to pin his picture up on my fridge. I'll let you know how that works out....