Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Illustration Friday - TALL
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Gerry could never figure out why Darby always seemed to be in a foul mood....

Of course the first thing to pop in my mind when I saw this week's prompt was 'giraffe' but I figured that would be rather popular. Then I thought of a stork, heron, or other long-legged bird, but I drew birds last week & the last thing I'd want  is be accused of being boring! So I thought some more, and came up with this. Afterall, the dog world is full of extremes....  This one was cranked out lickety split, so I'm not thrilled with the execution. But if I didn't get it out tonight, it wasn't going to happen until Thursday night, & crickets are usually chirping & tumbleweeds blowing on IF after a certain time on Thursdays....
  Big thank you to everyone who stopped by last week & commented on "Teacher." I really appreciate your comments!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Illustration Friday  - TEACHER
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As a teacher, it was important that Estelle encourage ALL of her pupils, regardless of their abilities....

Wow!! I'm actually posting on SUNDAY NIGHT!! I don't think I've ever finished a challenge so early in the week! I'm not quite sure what's come over me actually, as I'm never early for anything! Anyway, this one's pretty straightforward.... the little one on the left reminds me of myself when I used to go to bootcamp classes....hey - he may not be doing it right, but at least he's doing it!! Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Illustration Friday - FREEZE
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Jasmine's icy glare made Gus freeze in his tracks....

I figured there'd be a lot of ice & snow, and maybe a few cops this week, so I tried to go in a different direction with the theme. Threw this one together extremely quickly, & on very little sleep, so not thrilled with the execution, but I hope it was worth stopping by, just the same!  A bit of a different vibe from last week's warm and sentimental rabbit, huh?! As always, I appreciate your visits & comments!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Illustration Friday - BOUNCE
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It's funny how sweet sentiments from someone special can put a bounce in your step....

Of course, if they're NOT from someone special, they're downright creepy!!!
Wow! I'm pretty late posting this week! Been crazy-busy & otherwise a bit preoccupied, but glad to have gotten this one done! (I think this is 27 straight weeks with Illustration Friday?!)  I'm not sure how many people will actually see this, but I thank those of you who took the time to visit & comment in advance! I know there will likely be plenty of rabbits this week, & I really didn't have to draw a rabbit to get my message across....but the rabbit just popped into my head, and there it stayed! As always, I appreciate you stopping by!