Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Illustration Friday - TRAPPED, SCBWI #DRAWTHIS and My Adult Coloring Book!!!

Lots of things going on in my studio these days!!!

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Was happy to have a few minutes to doodle something for Illustration Friday this week! 
The word was TRAPPED! My husband and I are hoping to get a Bernedoodle puppy next year, so I guess had Bernedoodle on the brain! I hope this one made you smile! (Although the kitty doesn't seem to find it a bit funny!)

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I also was excited to have the opportunity to participate in the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators monthly #DRAWTHIS program. The word was ADMIRE. 

This drawing was inspired by a memory from when I was a kid. A police officer came to our elementary school to talk about safety. We were in awe of him. We were impressed by his badge, intimidated by his uniform, we respected his authority, and admired his bravery. Most of us wanted to BE a police officer (myself included!) by the time he left. (When I got older, I saw a police training bootcamp video, and that was enough to change my mind :D ) As an adult, with several friends who are police officers, and a brother-in-law who recently retired from the force, and having a better understanding of the horrors these people see every day as part of their job, and the risks they take with their own lives to insure our safety, I admire their courage more than ever. Especially now. And I pray for their safety. 

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And finally, here is a sneak peek of the adult coloring book I have been working on! I've been having a great time creating pages with different levels of complexity, to offer varying challenges, but also infusing a bit of humor to make things fun!!!


  1. Seems like there's always a new dog breed. I'm glad this one's in charge of the cat :)

    1. So true! Unfortunately I have allergies, so am limited to only a handful of purebreds or a poodle cross.

  2. Thanks for the sneak peek. What a fun project. I gave up on Illustrationfriday. Well, I guess I haven't been doing much art. Thanks for the blog visit!

  3. Well done, Mit! I agree, it takes a special type to do police work. Glad to see you're doing this colouring book - looks really good... I hope it's a hit. Thanks for visiting my Fiji story. Alas, I'm back in winter now!