Thursday, January 9, 2014

Illustration Friday: TIME & a Few Other Things

Nothing marks the passage of time on someone's face more than wrinkles...........unfortunately........
This week's Illustration Friday challenge word was TIME, and thus, so is the theme of this blog post! As time passes, wrinkles seems to become more and more prominent....I've also noticed a grey hair or two....UGH!!! (I feverishly yanked them out in record time!!!) Was doodling during another meeting at work, and thought it would be fun to show a soft pencil sketch for a change, instead of the bold ink drawings I usually post. What do you think? (You can tell I'm a lefty from all the smudging!!) 

Kids....of both varieties!
So, I know it's a bit ambitious of me, but I am partaking in yet ANOTHER challenge! I participated in PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) in November, then jumped into Doodle Day in December. For January, I signed up for another writing challenge called Start the Year Off Write, and of course, I'm still participating in the weekly Illustration Friday Challenges when I can. So when I saw the 52 Weeks of Illustration Challenge on Facebook, I figured, what's one more?! This week's word was KIDS. Technically there is only one kid in the picture, but since I, as many people do, consider my pets as my kids, I figured this would work!
OOOOPS!!! I forgot one! I also signed up for a PLANK Challenge for January!
 (I just LOVE doing planks!!!)

 But just because I'm wrapped up in all these challenges (plus working FT!), don't think I'm not still having fun, drawing what I please when I have a free second! Layla started as a doodle at work that I liked too much not to finish and share!

My lap turtle, Bug!

Yes, 2014 is off to a hectic start, to say the least! But I still try to make time for those who matter! Last night I spent some quality time with my turtle of over 20 years, Bug. In all that time, this is the first time he's ever been on my lap. I was less afraid of him biting me, and more afraid of him doing something else.............

And so I brought my blog post around, full circle, back to TIME. See how I did that? *wink!* As always, thank you for stopping by! And if you found this even remotely entertaining,  please consider subscribing to my blog by clicking on the button under the tiger, to the right! :)


  1. Wow, I'm a Lefty, too! We are the true artists. And we also have pets that live a looooong time. My buddy is an African Grey parrot named Gumbo that I've had since 1987. He is 27 years old but still acts like a 2 year old.
    I like your softer, smudgier pencil style.

    1. That's right! You told me you have a parrot! Very cool!!!

  2. Plank challenge?? Is that a Pirate thing?

  3. And don't forget that besides wrinkles, noses and earlobes continue to grow. So eventually we turn into cartoon characters.

  4. Nice style with pencil! I hope you post all your planking.!

  5. LOVE the Rhino! Love, love, love him!