Sunday, November 27, 2016

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! 
Thanksgiving took on new meaning for me 2 years ago in 2014, when my husband proposed, so now I always look back on that holiday with a special fondness!

It has been a very busy couple of months, and sadly, I let my blog posts lapse. But I'm very excited to share what I have been working on! First of all, I signed on to illustrate a second book for Xist Publishing! The first book, I Saw A Friend, is one of my FAVORITE projects to date, & I am eager to  begin this next assignment as soon as the holidays are over. 

In October, I participated in Inktober2016, where people are asked to do daily ink drawings based on prompts. I didn't get them all done, nor stick to the prompts, but generated LOTS of fun drawings, many that resulted in cool finished art like the pumpkins above! 

I also participated in the SCBWI DrawThis challenge! The word prompt was: FRIGHT. 
I had a lot of fun with it, as you can see above! SCBWI is such an important organization for children's book authors and illustrators, and I am a proud member!

And finally, I am in the home stretch with my adult coloring book that I have been working on for the past year! It will actually appeal to folks of ALL ages, and is filled with images of varying degrees of complexity, displaying fun and silly scenes designed to make you smile! Not sure if it will be available in time for the holidays, but DO check back for ordering information! 

That's it for now!
You can expect me to be posting a bit more regularly, so be sure to subscribe!
As always, I appreciate your interest in my work!!!


  1. Glad you're back, Mit. That coloring book is a great idea.

  2. Beautiful illustrations! Happy New Year! :)