Thursday, March 20, 2014

Illustration Friday - SPARK (A blast from the past!)

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Well, it's more like a "blaze" than a "spark" and a rather fuzzy scan, at that, but I wasn't able to squeeze a new drawing in this week (& Illustration Friday wasn't able to change the prompt this week, either!) so it will have to do! This is actually a MAJOR blast from the past - it is a scan of a promotional postcard I had printed back in college....21 years ago! (Ugh!)  My college friend, Jodi, recently dug up the collection of postcards from our senior class  & made me think of it, so I thought I'd share....I loved this piece back then, and surprisingly, I'm still liking it now! I know a lot of artists look back at their older work and cringe, so I guess I'm pretty lucky......or else, maybe my eyesight is going........... 

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And I just received copies of the coloring book I did for Big Cat Rescue's "March for Lions" event that was held last weekend! It's always exciting to see a project in it's final, printed form, and even better to learn that the event it was tied to was a BIG success! Big Cat Rescue does wonderful work, and I was happy to participate in their mission of awareness!!!

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  1. A nice piece. Well done.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. Both images are great. Love the toasty scene with the variety of animals, it is SO your style and fun/lovely! You should be very proud of the coloring book, I especially like the interactions between the characters and the emotions that creates. Really great work. :D

  3. Love your warm, cozy "spark" illustration! Sometimes looking back on old work is just the inspiration we need. Colouring book look like fun too!

  4. Hehe, that's really cute. That must be a great campfire song they are singing! And your coloring book looks awesome! Yay :D

  5. NIce work, both! I wish someone had told me about postcards in school. You were lucky, and yours is so cute!! And the coloring book illustrations are very engaging. I'll bet kids love them.