Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy National Potato Chip Day!

It was 4 months ago on the 13th that I lost my beautiful little studio mascot & friend, Miss Miga. Things are certainly not the same without her, but she still finds ways to influence my art! Happy National Potato Chip Day, everyone! :) (Yes, believe it or not, that is a real "holiday!"....& one I can really get behind! YUM!)

Been difficult to squeeze in the time for Illustration Friday challenges & random doodles like the one above lately. My Tuesday meeting at work was always a great time to sketch, but now I RUN the Tuesday meetings, so that kind of throws a wrench in things....I'm good at multi-tasking, but not THAT good! *wink!* (I won't tell you when I got this one done!) I finished the coloring book project for Big Cat Rescue, & am now eagerly awaiting my copies, but also just signed a new children's book contract last week that will keep me insanely busy for the next few months. It's a crazy-tight deadline, but should be a fun project, nevertheless!

Despite the busy schedule, I WILL be trying to keep up with my blog, so DO check back! And as always, I appreciate you stopping by!


  1. So sorry to hear about Miss Miga! It's amazing how much space they take up in your life. I did not know about this "holiday"! I'm sure the potato chip manufacturers had nothing whatsoever to do with it. ;)

    But it's such a cute little critter and cute illustration! Congratulations on the new project!

  2. I wish I would just nibble when eating chips like Miss Miga, but I can easily inhale a whole bag by myself, especially when watching a movie. 'Spark' is a lousy IF word anyway, and I see they've held it over for a second week.
    Congrats on the promotion, which usually means less work but more meetings.

    1. Sadly, no promotion, Ted! Just more work! :) My boss was not pleased with how the meetings were being handled, so he assigned them to me to manage....which is OK. Just one more argument for why I deserve a raise! :)