Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winner!!! And a new challenge!

B = Beluga Whale

The month of November is over, & so is the Picture Book Idea Month Challenge. (PiBoIdMo). I am happy to say, I achieved the goal of coming up with 30 ideas! In fact, I actually came up with 40! The best part is, they don't all suck!!! Seriously, there are a couple of gold nuggets in there among the rocks that I fully intend to take next steps with. Will editors find them as exciting as I do? I don't know, but I think they're worth giving further attention to. But more importantly, I became much more cognizant of ideas as they popped into my head, & diligent about writing them down before they vanished, as they often do! My PiBoIdMo notebook still has some blank pages in it, so I'll continue to fill it with ideas, & hopefully make a habit of filling notebooks!! It was a fun challenge, & definitely a worthwhile experience, between the generation of ideas, development of new, positive habits, and connecting with & supporting other writers!!!

C = Crab

So you would think, after the pressure of a daily challenge (versus the weekly challenge of Ill Friday), I'd be DONE after PiBoIdMo. But no, I discovered a NEW challenge! This one is called "Doodle Day." It is run through a Facebook group, & was started by one of the PiBoIdMo participants. The challenge is to do a quick drawing of a sea creature for each day of December, in alphabetical order. I discovered the group on December 2nd, so I started with "B" and my happy Beluga whale. Yesterday was "C." I think that one is self explanatory.  Do I think I will be able to keep up with this? Especially in addition to Ill Friday, & all the chaos the month of December usually brings? Hell no! But I felt inspired the past 2 days, and anything that keeps me drawing is a GOOD thing in my book! So I'll do it when I can, and when I can't.....oh well. Because I didn't have to take an oath with my hand on a picture book for this one!!! :)

I think "winner" might be a stretch, but I DID achieve the goal!!!

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  1. Congratulations! I didn't even try...maybe next year. Doodle a day sounds great...just not right now.

    The beluga is SPECTACULAR!