Thursday, December 5, 2013

Illustration Friday - REFRAIN & some new toys!

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 I have wanted to try Copic Markers for a LONG time, but they were an indulgence I just didn't feel I could justify yet. Well, my incredible boyfriend (& biggest fan) COMPLETELY caught me off guard & surprised me with a small set last weekend!!! I NEVER thought I'd own a set of these! I was SO excited & completely blown away.....and yet, I was TERRIFIED to actually try them out! I'd heard such great things about them - what if I couldn't do anything more with them than I do with my Prismacolors & Bics?? What if I like them so much, I want more? (A set of 70 runs about $400!!!!!! Gulp!!!!)

So it took me 5 days (& a lot of prompting from my boyfriend!) before I got the courage to open the package, but finally, tonight I did....

And I am in love.  


  1. Replies
    1. Haha Mr.Ted has an eagle eye for details!

  2. Lovely ^^ Love playing with marker pens! Very vibrant!

  3. Ya! Uh oh....I've had the very very same thoughts. I want them, but I don't want you say they are awesome....UH OH>super cute bird!!

  4. I refrained from an if post last week. I know. Dumb humor. How fun to get such a great artsy gift!

  5. Beautiful, strong, adorable! I love the colors and her/his singing out and up into the world!
    Enjoy the tactile markers and I am glad you have someone to encourage you. You deserve to try these things out!

  6. I have different greys, skin tones and reds in Copic markers that I use occasionally...

  7. Adorable! And so nicely done! Don't think of it as 70+ markers. Think of it as one or two colors per week. That's how I did it! 2+ years later I have.... a lot. :D Also, try out Ciao size, for up to $2 less. Less ink, but the brush tip is the same. And if you love the color to death, you can upgrade to Sketch size, or just get the refill. Refills will become your very good friends.

  8. I have also been wanting to give these a try:) I may have to ask Santa? Great post and really vibrant birdie, your work is so joyful, could put a happy smile on any face :)