Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Illustration Friday - TAIL

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Sometimes less is more.....

This week's Illustration Friday challenge word is TAIL. I think I got that covered! 

I am happy to announce (& actually just noticed!) that this will be post #100 for this blog!! Big thank you to all who have visited, and shown an interest! It's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself here!  :) But seriously, your comments really DO keep me going!

I'm also pleased to say that my participation in PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) has been beyond worthwhile! I achieved the goal of 30 ideas on day 18! That's not to say all 30 are actually GOOD ideas (some of them are lame, some suck, and there is at least one that makes me question my sanity... or at least what I was eating before I went to bed the night before....) but there is enough decent material to keep me busy for a LONG time. And I'm not done! I will continue to try to come up with an idea every day for the rest of the month...& hopefully, I'll have developed a habit by then, of looking for ideas in everything around me, & being cognizant enough of them to be sure to jot them down!! (I'll have to buy some little note pads and put them in my bag, my cars, my night stand, my bathrooms....)

But things haven't been ALL good, lately. This Illustration Friday piece is the first thing creative that I've done in my studio since losing my beloved studio-mate, Miss Miga last week. For over 2 years, since the day I brought her home from the animal shelter, she brightened my studio & made it a place I wanted to be. It's not so bright anymore. She was a happy little hamster, & without her, the room seems so incredibly empty. But oddly enough, on the day she died, I was contacted out of the blue about illustrating a 2nd children's book for an author I worked with earlier this year. Which would require spending a LOT more time in my studio.... doing something I love. And today, I received a promising message for yet another book project. So maybe this room hasn't been completely drained of happiness....maybe it still holds some promise....

As always, I thank you for visiting!


  1. I love your take on "Tail"... I really dig the odd bird out standing up proud in front of the peacocks... Greatness! Also, congrats on hitting your idea goal so fast. Good for you, I expect to see some great books rolling out from you soon!

  2. Am so sorry about Miss Miga, I am sure you gave her a happy, safe life!
    Great image today, really great idea and expressions :) Congrats on the book jobs!!! Keep goin with your voice and vision!!

  3. Very cute! I'm sorry for your loss, but also, congratulations on your new illustration job.

  4. maybe Miss Miga can show up in one of your book projects... or as a latter day Illustration Friday post?


  5. Hey Mit, well done on your 100th post, your neat tails, your PiBoMO.. um... anyway, your 30 ideas ... and your book, which looks excellent! I am sorry about Miss Miga but hope you can go ahead with the exciting new projects.

  6. Congrats Mit...Its a good milestone to get 100 behind you...Like a tail of work!

  7. So sorry about Miss Miga. I guess she was sending you good spirits and did not want you to be unhappy. The news is fantastic you should be happy! All these wonderful things on new projects you should be screaming to the world! hey! yeah! I got it! :) I am thrilled for you!
    Fantastic tail illo- Shake your tail girl. You will be okay :D

  8. Thanks, guys! Miss Miga was a unique little girl, with personality to spare. She is, and will continue to be sorely missed.

  9. I really like the way these colors pop. So sorry about Miss Miga, but congratulations on your book and your 100 posts!!