Thursday, October 10, 2013

Illustration Friday - UNDERWATER

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"Underwater".....not a very challenging word this week. And God knows I've done LOTS of underwater scenes for previous Illustration Friday prompts....but "underwater" is still fun, so rather than copping out & re-posting one of my numerous "fishy" scenes, I opted to do something totally new - and only SEMI-fishy! (But if you prefer fish, DO browse my blog archives! You'll not only find fish, but an octopus, crab, & a bug-eyed sea horse!)

Been working hard, building my Zazzle store these past few weeks. Hoping to have an "official" roll-out soon. And I spoke to a publisher this week about a book project I'd started, but put on the back burner in favor of other projects. The conversation boosted my enthusiasm, & I'll be full steam ahead on the book soon!

I also got word from the author of the last children's book I illustrated, that it will be released in January...and they need a brief bio. Ugh! Well, I know what I'll be doing this weekend!! Hope YOU'VE got some fun things planned!! As always, I appreciate you stopping by, & LOVE reading your comments!!!!


  1. This one gets my 'seal' of approval, Mit. But hold on, there's another lame word to illustrate as you just get in under the wire with this one. I may pass on 'moustache'. I got nothin'.

  2. I agree the Underwater thing has been covered a few times before by other prompts...But I admire your patience! Nothing like your dinner swimming away from you!

  3. Looking forward to the Zazzle store! Meanwhile-- I give your seal a seal of approval (Ted may have written that first, but I thought of it first ;) ;) )

    1. When it comes to the sea, I'm not lion.

  4. is there a killer whale following the seal? ;)

  5. I think the seal is happier than the fish? :) Good luck with all your projects!

  6. Good luck with zazzle! I'll have to check it out. I know. My blog is drowning in repeats.