Thursday, March 21, 2013

Illustration Friday - EYEGLASSES

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His friends had no idea Arnold was an avid reader....

Something a little different this week....going black & white, and pen & ink. Less in the way of bold lines, more in detail. This guy was done with my trusty Rapidograph, one of my absolute favorite tools to work with. Picking it up tonight was like visiting an old friend. I wish I'd had time to drop in a little color, but it is what it is! Hope you like! As always, I appreciate you stopping by! :)


  1. Hey, you made it! And it looks supercool. It is a bit of a departure for you, but I like it. I've been working on finding a balance of adding more detail into my work, but not too much, I'm still wanting to keep it simplified. I think you've done a great job of that here. It looks really cool in just black and white too.

  2. Nice work Mit!! He has a funny look in his eyes like he's up to something and only just pretending to be reading!!!

  3. Like him a lot, especially that he's reading an ant book!!!! Great circular composition and beautiful ink work :)

  4. nice flow, and nice subtle shift in value on his stripes.
    I'm afraid there won't be much of that book left once he's finished it.

  5. Wow, I really like your ink line with the Rapidograph. It's great. Al Hirschfeld got nothin' on you. You normally draw in PS?

    I tried using my old Rapidographs awhile back but they are in pretty bad shape. I couldnt keep them flowing, which was something I used to be very good at, keeping them unclogged. Maybe I just don't have the patience to fiddle with them anymore, since there are so many alternatives now. Back in high school that was all we had, and they were far superior to Speedball pen dunking. I loved the way they looked with the color-coded parts for each pen size. The rich kids had the big, fancy sets with all the pen sizes. $$!

    1. Hi Ted! I usually draw with a Pilot Precise V5 pen (or similar)on crappy copy paper, & scan it to add color via PS. But for some crazy reason I was craving the fine line detail of a rapidograph. Unlike you, I NEVER seem to be able to keep them unclogged, so it was a MIRACLE that when I reached for one, it actually worked!!! :)Even after all these years, & despite the fact they are a royal pain in the ass, I still love using them!!!

  6. I love this one Mit and it doesn't need any colour - just the shape and texture are lovely. There is something about drawing with a pen you like, that flows smoothly, that adds joy to the drawing and people can feel it. I am hooked on a Uniball pen (when I'm not using a nib with ink).

  7. Ooh I can't blame Arnold for reading so avidly, those ants look delicious! I love the fine line and detail this week, and I love his shape too, so curvy! :)