Thursday, September 20, 2012

Illustration Friday - BURST (2 this week!)

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Reggie was simply bursting with happiness....

So this week was filled with painfully boring meetings. And in those types of meetings, I tend to doodle. The doodles usually never end up as finished art, but I came up with a couple that I thought might work for this week's challenge that I was excited about. In the end, I really wasn't trying to be an overachiever. I just couldn't make up my mind! So, just like I do when I can't decide between 2 pairs of shoes in the store...I went with BOTH!

 Ever have a moment when you're just so happy you feel like your heart might burst? That's what I was going for with Reggie. I wonder what he's so happy about....

And then I drew this one.....

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Glenn always looked as if he had just eaten a meal for 10, but it was really just genes on his mother's side that made him look like he was about to burst....

Have you ever looked at one of those really plump goldfish that sort of wiggle, rather than swim and wondered if it might actually pop? That was the inspiration for Glenn....

Thank you so much for stopping by!! I always enjoy reading your comments!! :)


  1. The huge grin on Reggie Bunny is gorgeous and Glenn Goldfish is just BURSTING with sparkly personality!! Love them both!

  2. I can't decide either. I LOVE the expression of the bunny and get that he is just bursting with joy, but I love the detail and coloration of the fishy. Hmmmm - OK, I am drawn, no pun intended, to Reggie.

  3. Haha wow, that is a seriously joyful rabbit, and with the cutest face! I love the floppy ears (I always think they look cuter when they're floppier rather than standing straight up.) Wonderful scales on the goldfish and I love the orange and teal.

    I was looking up goldfish a while back for a drawing and had no idea they came in so many shapes and sizes, my goodness! Glenn is very cute! So funny how you did one jumping up in the sky, and one underwater!

  4. hahaha...we have the same wonky eyes on our little creations! i love it!! :D

  5. Times of joy are precious and should always be cherished. Good for Reggie :)

  6. I hope Reggie's not that happy all the time. I'd have to slap him.
    I'd be okay with Glen though, doesn't look like he talks that much.

    These are good and funny solutions. High five!

  7. Aww Reggie is the sweetest! However Glenn has just made my morning, those are some genes he has :)

  8. BONUS!! An extra IF drawing this week?! You're too good to us! I love Reggie's expression and pose, you can see him bursting with happiness. Glenn looks like he was born out of a meeting doodle that I saw on facebook... great detail on him too, all the scales and coloring are great! Awesome job on both of these Mit--and thanks for the bonus