Wednesday, February 25, 2015

National Dog Biscuit Day?!

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Did you know that February 23rd was National Dog Biscuit Day?
Me neither, but I found out just in time to create this illustration on Monday! 
I don't know who sits around and thinks this stuff up, but I bet the dogs sure are happy! If you missed it, no worries. You and your dog can have a belated celebration today! 
I hope this guy made you smile!


  1. Really?! National Dog Biscuit Day? That's a thing?! Dang. And to think I forgot to eat my dog's biscuit that day. BTW, did you know 2/22 was Ninja Day? Yeah, it came and went without me observing it either. Love your very happy pup!

  2. What a lucky pup! Such a great illo, Mit! Thank you so much for popping by..that is really really cool that your company gets into the Chinese New Year tradition! I'm wishing you a wonderful New year of the Sheep too! We will be watching the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco probably from the comforts of our home to ring in the new year. It often rains that day, so we'll celebrate with the traditional laycee ($ in red envelopes) and tangerines, and candy and such. It used to be SO wonderful celebrating at my grandmother's in Chinatown (SF) each year, with her traditional candies, cakes and special treats, but alas...we're so far from the city, that I just try my best with the simpler items. :) Anyway, Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

  3. I like your snow pictures :) The dog bones are funny to me because I was just gifted a bunch of dog bone cookie cutters. I guess my puppy is going to get some cookies.