Saturday, August 23, 2014

Illustration Friday - SKULL

This week's illustration challenge word was SKULL. An odd choice for August....but then, where I live, the temperatures already feel like fall, so I guess this theme would be consistent with that! :) 
 I always like to try to do something a little different for these challenges, but there's not much room for interpretation with a word like SKULL. So instead, I drew 2 separate illustrations, & then decided to combine them to tell a short story of sorts....hope you like it!! 


  1. Good story! I was caught by the first image and it took me a little while to move onto the second -- which made me laugh. Good job!

  2. Even kitty knows skulls aren't supposed to squeak!

  3. LOVE the second scull! The outer glow is sooo eery and the white dot eyes looking at the mouse - great expression for a scull! Glad to see you've been so busy!