Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Illustration Friday - TEMPTATION - & A Sneak Peek!

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This week's Illustration Friday challenge word was TEMPTATION. I went with this idea, because kids seem particularly susceptible to temptation and particularly bad at exercising self control.........or is it that they are just particularly GOOD at disregarding the word 'no?' Ha ha!

 AND because a friend of mine commented on a recent post I made on my FACEBOOK page that she was surprised to see people because she couldn't remember seeing any illustrations of mine that were NOT of animals,  I just *had* to give her another person, albeit a little one! :) (Thanks, Amy!)

 The funny thing is, while I certainly DO enjoy drawing animals....arguably far more than I do people, the current book project I'm working on is ALL ABOUT people! Including everyone's FAVORITE person, Santa! And I'm having an absolute BLAST with it!
 Here's a sneak peek......although I'm on to color now, and finishing up the final art....

Looking forward to the holidays when it is scheduled to be released! 


  1. I also prefer animals to people, so I believe it is a great chanlenge to you this new project. I can't wait to see it...

  2. I think that's a drawing of me. Good luck with your book!

  3. I actually prefer drawing people...but animals are fun too! I love your style, MIT...your work is so fun!!!

  4. Oy, did blogger eat my comment???

    One more time, with feeling:
    Hehehe. I've succumbed to a great big plate of chocolate chip cookies plenty o' times. Except I won't be shy or sneaky about it like this little cutie. Nope, I have no shame.

    Your sneak peek looks awesome! Oooh!

  5. I could stand to have a few more humans in my portfolio as well! Animals are so much more fun.

  6. Cute girl! I prefer animals too. Or human animal combos. The sneak peek is looking great!

  7. Love the angle -- tells the story and is so fun to look at! Can't wait to see your Santa...:D Nice job!

  8. OOoooOoooh! Love the work in progress shots and pencil/pen work!

  9. OMG!! You drew a person!! OMGawwwd!!! You NEVER do that!! WOW!!
    …heh heh, I tease and I kid. :)