Monday, December 31, 2012

Illustration Friday - NEW

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Everyone knows new sneakers make you run faster!

For this week's challenge, I was going to draw a newly hatched chick....Then I scrapped that for a baby new year....But upon thinking about it, I felt both of those ideas were pretty common, so I decided to go with new shoes...and from there it went to new sneakers. Didn't you always think when you were a kid, that new sneakers would make you run faster than you ever could before? Well, maybe I'm just weird, but I did!! 

2012 was a very good year for me on many levels. In February I discovered Illustration Friday, & committed to participating each week, in an effort to keep me drawing. I haven't missed a week since. In March, I started this blog as a place to display the challenges (i.e. the products of my wacky mind!) & through it, have "met" so many great people, & have made some really cool new friends!!! I LOVE reading your comments & insights, & discovering some of you are as crazy as I am!! Above all else, I love it when you tell me my drawings have made you smile! And visiting & commenting on YOUR blogs has truly become a favorite past time! I sit there with a cup of coffee, and & am inspired & amazed by the level of talent! In July, I met a super-hot guy who IS as crazy as I am, & who has become, without a doubt, my biggest fan. He pushes me onward, always challenging me to challenge myself, do more....and stop screwing around! In November, the children's book I illustrated went to print. This was a project started many years ago, and something I'd long since given up on. It was amazing to finally hold it in my hands! And when I started receiving photos of happy kids, holding their copies of the book that they'd received for made me want to get off my butt and create MORE!!! 

So I look toward 2013 with eagerness and anticipation! And I hope at this time next year, I'm typing up an even longer list of positives!! And with that, I'll wish you all a truly FABULOUS new year, & shut up!!!  :)


  1. Happy creating in 2013! My visits to your blog have definitely created smiles. See you next year.

  2. Happy NEW Year, Mit! And I am so happy to get to enjoy this creative community with you amongst it..for your work always makes me smile and I just loved reading your analysis of the year. I lol'd when I read about the super-hot guy! Awesome! But even more awesome is your children's book and how it's made so many people smile and make you want to create more...that is what it's all about! : ) Peace and happinesss to you in 2013!

  3. Happy New Year!
    Your drawings are funny and definitely make me smile. Illustrating a children's book is one of my dreams too. It is good to hear that you should never give up.
    Hope you have a wonderful, creative year.

  4. Wow, you ARE positive. Sounds good, Mit. See you around next year. Oh yeah, your art makes me SMILE!

  5. sounds like a great year for you Mit! Great to see it capped off with a great illustration. I used to think that new shoes made me faster to... man, I was so naive last week...

    Love the characters, the drawings, and your recap of a great year... let's keep it rolling through 2013!

  6. Totally fun illustration, Mit! Full of life and the excitement of something new. Congratulations on all your achievements, have loved getting to know you this year through IF...I think we must of started around the same time. My first IF was "Shades" in March.

  7. Oh MIT! I'm so glad you had a wonderful 2012! I always leave your blog with a BIG smile! And I agree with you, new sneakers make you run faster and proudly! ;)
    Wish you a very creative 2013 with a lot of fun and good surprises!

  8. Happy New Year Mit! Wow 2012 was great for you, so pleased things are going so well :)

    Love your little chap, he looks so full of joy, although for me it's less about sneakers and more about the cape - everyone should have a cape... by law... a magic superhero cape, yup :)

    Have a fantastic 2013 :)