Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Illustration Friday - SUSPEND
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Emmajean had her eye on a new hat, and Maurice was just the friend to help her get it!

This week's challenge word was SUSPEND. I'm happy with the concept, not so much with the execution. But here it is, Wednesday night (well, technically almost Thursday!) AGAIN, & I've run out of time! Oh well! Hopefully it evoked a smile anyway!

The new Illustration Friday website is absolutely beautiful, but I'm afraid not so easy to browse, with the artwork taking so long to load. I used to like to start from the very first post and work backwards, visiting the different artist's sites whose thumbnails caught my eye, but I can't do that anymore, & I'm afraid I'm missing out on some of my favorites I hadn't subscribed to. *Sigh!* If you don't want to miss any posts on THIS blog, please become a follower by clicking in the box to the right. Thanks, and I hope to "see" you next week! 


  1. This is a great concept and very funny! Love the expression on the little girls face.

  2. I think that she is going to get it! Ha This is so fun and just love the action with the elephant and monkey! Great work! :D

  3. This is a good'n. Tells the story perfectly.

    -and you're right, the new IF site is not user friendly at all.

  4. Haha! So silly and lots going on. I think that will definitely be the highlight of the girl's day if the hat is successfully stolen. Love the boy and the bird, too.

    As for the new IF, I left comments in this welcome thread (and told a few others, who also commented):

    Penelope's follow-up post suggests she is getting only positive feedback.

    While it's possible the average user might like it better, the folks who visit TONS (like me) have a harder time. And really, by Wednesday, who is going to scroll all the way back to the beginning? With only 10-15 loading per section, and 400 posts, that's more than 30 load times. And I find it locks up after a while. Arrrgh. But IF is still awesome so I guess we'll just have to adjust. (Eek, sorry for leaving a novella comment!)

    1. Honestly, she worked so hard updating it, I doubt there'd be any major changes even if a lot of people complained. And it IS very nice. Just disappointing for folks like us that like to visit lots of blogs. Sigh. I usually check out about 80-100 sites a week, but that's so much harder to do now. (And mine locks up too) I *try* to hit all my regular "peeps" & hope they'll forgive me if I miss a week here & there! I guess you're right - we'll have to adjust! :)

  5. Nice illustration. I agree that the new IF site changes things. It looks great but we are all losing traffic to our sites. In the end, I think it will be a great step forward for IF ... this new format will work better for art directors and visitors.

  6. Fantastic! So much to take in and the execution is great (you should be happy!). Love a cheeky monkey... ;)

  7. Ahhh! Such a wonderful concept, and great illustration!! I always enjoy my visits here..hope you're having a super July so far. Many thanks for your wonderfully kind visit to my blog...I had so much fun with the London piece so it's nice to hear your great comment!

  8. mom's so oblivious she may lose more than her hat....
    her map?
    her purse?

    her little boy?


  9. Oh! This reminds me of the tale of the cap-peddler & the monkeys! Apparently no headgear is safe when monkeys are nigh. (I'll bear this in mind as I'm a hat person.) The elephant had better be careful or he'll be charged as an accomplice!

    Also, I agree, the new IF site, meh! I guess it's better if you just want to browse, but it is quite a bit more cumbersome if you like to visit the blogs.

  10. Great concept and fabulous colours - nice one!